Nomad Housesitters

Who are the nomad housesitters

Welcome to Nomad Housesitters site! We are Anne and Toni, a nomad couple originally from Finland. We have been slowly traveling the world full time since 2017, and started house and pet sitting in 2018. In this post we tell a bit more about ourselves and our life as digital nomads and house sitters. You can read more about us and our travels also in our travel site FinnsAway.

Digital nomads exploring the world

As digital nomads and entrepreneurs we combine traveling and working online. Our main businesses are web design and content creation services, mostly for Finnish customers. We are also travel bloggers, so we spend quite a lot of time behind our laptops. As travelers, we don’t want to rush through all countries, but instead stay a bit longer periods in one location, exploring the surroundings and getting to know the local way of living. We sometimes visit big cities, but actually prefer countryside and small towns, and we even enjoy staying in tiny rural villages. We want to meet local people, and thus don’t like to stay in hotels or hostels. When we are not house sitting, we often stay in Airbnb apartments or rooms.

House sitting is a perfect concept for long-term travelers and pet-lovers like us. We can’t really have pets of our own, so getting to take care of dogs and cats during our travels is just wonderful. House sitting has led to friendships with both, the pets and their owners, and we like to come back for new sits in the same families. We are trustworthy and honest house sitters, who love to cuddle with pets and to take dogs out for walks or runs.

How did it all begin

We used to have pretty normal lives, with high education and corporation careers, living in our own flat in Finland. We have been together over 15 years, and always used to travel a lot during our holidays. However, being tied to 9-to-5 jobs meant that we could only make short trips, and we noticed that we were planning the next holiday trip right after the previous had ended. We also started to question, if life really should be all about routines and tight schedules, all the way to retirement. We wanted to make a change, to be free to travel without a return ticket, and to be able to determine the course of our lives ourselves.

So in early 2017 we decided to quit our jobs, to sell everything we own and to hit the road, with no plans of coming back any time soon. We didn’t want to just go and have an extended holiday, but from the beginning it was clear that we’d also try to earn some money from the road. Toni already had been an entrepreneur for several years at this point, which made it easier to start running our own business. We also started a travel blog, and enjoy writing about the destinations we have visited, about outdoor adventures around the world, as well as about the financial side of long-term traveling.

Becoming nomad house sitters

When we started our journey as location independent entrepreneurs, we hadn’t even heard about house sitting. It was in 2018 when we realized, that it would be a perfect concept for us. We took care of a house of our friends first, then joined in several house sitting platforms, and made our first pet sit in Cyprus in early 2019 via Trusted Housesitters. Since then we have been house sitting in Europe, Mexico and US. We are mostly looking for a bit longer sits, to be able to settle down for a little longer and actually focus on working while taking care of the house and pets, but we can also make shorter sits and combine them with exploring new destinations. We are open for house sit invitations from basically everywhere, and we opened this site to be able to better advertise our services as half-professional, caring and trustworthy pet-sitters.