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House sitting is a concept, where home owners are away, often on a holiday, and entrust their house and often also their pets and garden to be taken care of by house sitters meanwhile. As a home owner, you get to go on a holiday knowing, that your house, pets and plants are taken good care of, and in return, the traveling house sitters get a place to stay and pets to cuddle with. House sitting is a form of sharing economy, so money is usually not involved. House sit can be as short as just a couple of days, or last even for several months, depending on the needs of the home owner.


We are Anne and Toni, a Finnish couple who has been traveling the world and house sitting since 2017. We enjoy exploring new destinations, getting to know new cultures, hiking and trail running. As digital nomads we often travel slowly and prefer staying a bit longer in one place, doing house and pet sits if possible. We love being around pets, especially dogs and cats, and also have experience of taking care of pets with special needs. As we work location independently on our laptops, we stay in the house a lot, keeping company for the pets.

As house sitters, we keep your house safe, secure and clean when you are away. If you have pets, you know that they are happier staying home than being taken in a pet hotel or kennel. Having us as house sitters, your pets get to stay in familiar surroundings and maintain their routines, and we give them as much attention and love as they need and want. We love to take dogs out for long runs or walks, and pets seem to enjoy our company and to trust us easily. We can also take care of your garden and plants when you are away, so there is no need to bother your neighbors or to hire a gardener.

You can read more about us in Nomad Housesitters, who are we? post. If you’d like to know more about our  travels and nomadic lifestyle, check out also our FinnsAway nomad life and travel site.


No to low costs
to you or to us


Your pets get
to stay home


Your house and
pets are safe



Why to choose us as your house sitters:


Why we enjoy doing house sits:


We have worked as house sitters in several countries and via several different platforms. The home owners have been very satisfied with our service, and we have made new friends, both with the hosts and their pets.

See some of our references below!

WOW! We were absolutely thrilled to have Toni and Anne back for their 4th House sit with ourselves.

They are an amazing couple and are so easy going. Nothing seems to faze them and they take everything in their stride. They have become true friends and the animals totally adore them.

We are devastated that they have left the island and cannot recommend them highly enough.

The routine that we have with our dogs in the evenings is a handful. Loading them in to the truck and taking them to the salt flats for a run, swim in the sea and a walk. Toni & Anne embraced this routine.

We have always been welcomed home with their signature dinner which was totally unexpected, but delicious. They are really better than the best.

Nicki & Werner
+ whole zoo

Duration:  +2 months (2019)


Toni and Anne have been looking after our home and garden already several times. They have taken good care of the house and our plants while we are away. Toni and Anne are trustworthy and reliable house sitters, so we know that our property is in good hands with them.

Marit & Markku

Duration:  Several months

Friends & Family

We couldn’t recommend Anne and Toni more highly.

They are capable, flexible, thoughtful, and respectful housesitters. Our dogs (Rana & Lumin) loved them, which doesn’t necessarily happen. We left home already knowing that the dogs and house would be well cared for, as they arrived early and started taking the dogs out right away.

They were comfortable with the routine quickly and they treated their role professionally. It’s such a good feeling to know that your housesitters can adapt quickly.

They sent just right amount of updates and photos, they checked in with us with any questions or concerns, and they thoughtfully offered to shop for us before we got back, since we’d be home late on a Saturday and on Sunday all the shops are closed.

The house was clean when we got home and we had a nice couple of days with them before they left for their next adventure (they even cleaned in their room before leaving, which was going above and beyond). We are really hoping they’ll be available again when we need housesitters – not just because they did a good job, but also because we’d love to see them again.

Ramona & Joshua
+ Rana & Lumin

Duration:  1 week (09/2019)


Toni and Anne took care of our two cats and house for just over a week. They were very responsive and sent us messages to let us know how things were going. The cats were just coming around to them when we got back home. The house and garden were well cared for.

I highly recommend them!

Darlene & Bill
+ Leo & Theo

Duration:  1 week (01/2020)

Anne and Toni did a great job looking after my cat and apartment. They are trustworthy, friendly, responsible; they kept in touch and everything was clean and healthy (kitty and plants) upon my return.

I wholeheartedly recommend this couple!

+ Finn the cat

Duration:  2 weeks (2020)

Anne and Toni did a wonderful job watching our dogs! It was clear the dogs were very comfortable and loving with them. The apartment was cleaner than when we left.

They were very kind and friendly and would be welcome back anytime!

Samantha & Joshua
+ Renly & Khalesi

Duration:  1 week (02/2020)


Absolutely brilliant house sitters, totally self contained and didn’t need any hand holding at all in the three month’s they looked after house and cat whilst we were stuck in lockdown in the UK. Reggie the cat absolutely loved them. Would thoroughly recommend.

Fiona & Chris
+ Reggie the cat

Duration:  3.5 months (09/2020)


Anne & Toni were fantastic sitters. My dog, Scobi, absolutely adored them and loved it when they took him for long 10km runs in the countryside. I came home to a spotlessly clean house and a happy and relaxed dog, they even washed and dried their bedding before they left.

Toni spent time continuing the training work I’d been doing with Scobi before I left, which certainly goes above and beyond the expectations of somebody doing a house sitting exchange. We got along so well that I was pleased when they accepted my invitation to stay on for a few days once the sit had finished, we had a lot in common and shared traveling and house sitting stories over a glass of wine. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch and hope this won’t be the last time they come and stay in Vélez Rubio.

+ Scobi

Duration: 1 month (01/2021)


Toni and Anne were taking care of our rescue dog Pate for 3 weeks while we visited our home country. Pate had been with us just for a few of months and they took very good care him. He was really relaxed and cheerful when we came back. Thank you guys!

Pirkko & Antti
+ Pate


Duration: 3 weeks (02/2021)


Toni and Anne are a really nice couple. They arrived on time and took really good care of our two cats. And they communicated really well during the house sit so we always felt secure during our travel. We would be happy to welcome them back anytime!

Andreas and Jennifer
+ Sahara & Prince


Duration: 5 days (05/2021)


Anne and Toni are fantastic and so experienced house / pet sitters. They made us feel so assured that our dog Pixel was in best hands during our month plus travel. Not only did we come home to a happy and relaxed dog; they even managed to teach her a little bit more manners 😁

Perfectly took care of our flat as well. Glad we got to spend an evening meal together as well upon our return which was a treat after a long journey. Thank you Anne and Toni – and hope to see you back in Berlin (and lok forward to follow your blogs!)

Katharina & Kemal
+ Pixel


Duration: 6 weeks (09/2021)

Anne and Toni are our beloved friends and have been taking care of our two cats (Aku & Peetu) shortly few times before. This time they were taking care of them for a week while we were traveling. They are really professional cat-sitters and boys were relaxed and happy with them.

Anne & Juha
+ Aku & Peetu


Duration: 1 weeks (11/2021)

We have fairly new hobby with 6 chickens and one rooster and haven’t been away for long time without someone of the family were home. Toni & Anne were our first house sitters and took care of chickens and our three dogs very professionally. It was really nice to have updates with photos so we didn’t have to worry at any time. We definitely can recommend them for pet-sitting for farm animals.

Päivi & Hannu
+ Dogs & Chickens


Duration: 4 days (12/2021)


Anne and Toni are very experienced house sitters who will make you feel at ease while traveling. They have been going back and forth to Finland by car and by sheere coincidence happened to be in Riga for a personal introductory meeting, which has never happened to me before. After a nice chat over coffee, they agreed to house sit for me on this and one future occasion. They didn’t even get scared off later when Latvia decided to go into a three weeks lockdown that would negatively affect their stay. 

As a non driver, I wasn’t much help finding a cheap long-term parking spot for them, but they just figured it out themselves. Traveling on four wheels, arrival and departure date seemed very flexible on their behalf. Communication has always been easy, steady and straightforward both before and during their house sit.

As digital nomads, they will spend a lot of time with your pets. Even though they didn’t have much experience with rabbits, they seemed to get along well with my very opposite bunny pair. Max doesn’t care much about anyone, but Ella likes human attention, and when I come home from a trip and she didn’t get enough of that, I can tell because she will be clingy for days. After Anne’s and Toni’s house sit, she was completely relaxed. Needles to say, the apartment was tidy and my plants taken care of.

I can totally recommend Anne and Toni as house sitters and look forward to welcoming them again in a few weeks.


This was the second time Anne and Toni house sat for me, and it was a pleasure welcoming them again. They already knew my two pet bunnies Ella and Max from a recent November sit and seemed to re-connect right way. Anne and Toni again spent most of the time at my apartment, fed the bunnies with fresh greens (which they also had to buy mid-stay) and gave the bunnies access to my balcony so that they could play in the fresh snow. They also took action right away (after careful consultation with me) when my hairy boy Max had too much hair in his tummy and gave him some supplements to “keep things moving”.

On Christmas Eve, the sitters surprised me with a few very cute Christmas bunny photos, posing in the fresh snow or next to some Christmas decoration. Since we did not get to meet in person before they left, Anne and Toni wrote me an in-detail “hand over” via messenger, dropped the keys in the mailbox and left a spotless apartment for me to come home to, with the sheets and towels hanging clean and almost dry on the rack. I truly hope that someday in the future Anne and Toni will drive through Riga again and look after my bunnies. The pets and I have been very happy with them both times.

+ Ella & Max


Duration: 1 and 2 weeks (12/2021)


I cannot praise Toni and Anne enough, they where fabulous. Cooked us a home coming meal too. Dogs loved them😍. Absolutely no hesitation to have them again, or to recommend them😁

Julia & David
+ Gucci, Sophie, Teide & Alice


Duration: 10 days (01/2022)


I feel like we won the pet sitter lottery after having Anne and Toni stay with our boys! We are so grateful to have found them. They were the perfect couple to stay in our house, with our dogs, while we were away. This was our first ever housesit experience but from the very beginning they made us feel comfortable & in reliable hands.

It is so obvious that they know what they are doing and are completely professional. Anne and Toni arrived in the city days before so that we could meet and go through the boys’ routine before we left for our holiday. They kept in contact throughout our trip with photos and updates of Rambo and Rocky which we really appreciated, especially when our children were missing their doggies. They respected our home and we returned to a neat and tidy house, a well-cared for dogs, and breakfast on the table!

Trustworthy, reliable, friendly, genuine, they go up & beyond and we hope to welcome them back again!

Hillary & Ben
+ Rocky & Rambo


Duration: 8 days (02/2022)


Anne&Tony took care of my “little ones” for three days. They had a good communication, sending updates and pictures of Firu&Dori. The house was clean and tidy when they left. Thank you guys 🙂

+ Firu & Dori


Duration: 3 days (02/2022)


Anne and Toni are the perfect house and pet sitters. They are absolute pros. Wonderful with the animals from the outset; flexible; respectful; communicative; interesting. We would recommend them over and over again to anyone. Thank you both.

Iain & family
+ Banuwa, Barnaby & Cobweb


Duration: 5 days (02/2022)


Anne & Toni are amazing people. They have a very nice energy, are an easygoing couple and the dogs just loved them. it was amazing to get pictures every day and see the dogs happy and relaxed all the time. they got very..very spoiled while I was away. the 4 of them explored the city together and enjoyed the first days of the spring.

I returned to a perfectly organized house and happy dogs, what else could I wish for?

+ Darwin & Tequila


Duration: 5 days (04/2022)


It was a pleasure to meet Anne and Toni. They are very cool people, and I was happy to have them take care of Puma. Communication was great before they arrived and when I was away. They sent me pictures in which Puma appeared happy and comfortable, so I did not have to worry about him while I was away. At my return, they were waiting for me with the house super clean and a happy Puma. Thanks for your help!

+ Puma


Duration: 4 days (09/2022)


What a wonderful couple to have minding our quirky house and pets for us. The dogs immediately fell in love with Anne and Toni. Everything was taken care of perfectly. We were happy to have met such great people. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a pet sit.

Hilary & Oz
+ Lucy, Staffi, Bella, Frankie
5 cats & chickens


Duration: 17 days (10/2022)


Toni & Anne were the perfect pet sitters. Great communication throughout. They looked after our 3 rescue dogs very well and the house was immaculate when we returned.

A very nice couple who we enjoyed chatting with . We would love to have sit again and would have no hesitation in recommending for future pet sits .

Elizabeth & Andy
+ LouLou, Buddy, Bertie

Duration: 5 days (11/2022)


In winter 2022-2023 we stayed over two months in Torrox Costa in Andalusia, Spain, house-sitting for our friends. We took care of their two charming dogs, Pate & Piña, chickens and a duck, as well as their small fruit farm.

Looking after a fruit farm was something totally new to us, and it was great to learn about growing exotic fruits avocados, mangos and bananas, even though we only needed to take care of watering the fruit trees and other plants. This was also our first house-sit, or should we say farm-sit, with a duck 🙂

Pirkko & Antti
+ Pate & Pinja + duck and chickens


Duration: 2.5 months (12/2023)

Friends & Family

In March 2023 we did a one week house-sit in Estepona through a Facebook group dedicated to house-sitting in Spain and Portugal. We took care of Eddie, a huge and lovely dog who loved going out for walks and to go to a dog park to play with his friends. This was a great short sit, that allowed us to focus on work and to get to know the beautiful coastal town of Estepona, while keeping company to Eddy.

Laeticia & Tim
+ Eddy


Duration: 8 days (2/2023)

Facebook group

We feel like we hit the dog sitting jackpot with Anne & Toni! This was our first experience with Trusted Housesitters, so we were slightly anxious on how the whole process would go. Our two dogs have also never stayed with strangers. Anne & Toni were extremely organized, communicated frequently, and sent us pictures to see how our boys were doing.

We joked that they didn’t even miss us! They got plenty of exercise and love the whole time we were away. I would also venture to say that our house was even cleaner when we got back than before we left! I am so thankful to have met Anne & Toni. We wish we could use them every time. Do not hesitate if you are fortunate enough to have them care for your home and your pets!

Christy & Ryan
+ Ace & Tuck


Duration: 5 days (5/2023)


Absolutely lovely professional couple, Bella loved them both. Good contact and updates on sit. I would recommend them very highly.

I felt safe in the conference they would take care of Bella, I was not disappointed. We will keep in touch as am very intrigued by their nomadic lifestyle. Thank you 😊

+ Bella


Duration: 10 days (5/2023)


Anne and Toni were great sitters for my cat Meaty for 5 days while I traveled. They came a day early to meet me and Meaty and get the keys which I really appreciated as it’s always nice to meet in person for me and my cat before I go. Meaty was pretty easy to take care of until recently when a new neighbor moved in with a large dog who went cat now has to share the garden with. I explained this to Anne and Toni and they were very understanding, patient and careful about letting him out. I really appreciated how attentive they were to him and his needs to explore.

Anne and Toni were very communicative with me throughout their sit and kept me up to date. Very trustworthy, clean and considerate and I would have them back anytime!

+ Meaty


Duration: 4 days (5/2023)


Anne and Toni sat my 9-year-old doggie Ripley for almost two weeks, and everything went wonderfully. They were kind, communicative and well-organized, sent me updates and pics of Ripley regularly, and my fur baby was happy and the flat clean when I came back home! Just really caring, responsible people who could probably handle just about any situation thrown at them. I’m sure Ripley misses them. I heartily recommend Anne and Toni and would definitely have them pet and house sit again!

+ Ripley (Ripa)


Duration: 12 days (04/2024)



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